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Community Intellegence Leads Police To Bust £8 Million A Year Cannabis Farm In Merseyside’s Biggest Find.

December 19, 2011

In a disused Merseyside factory, police have just carried out their largest ever cannabis raid it, was reported in The Liverpool Echo on Friday. Those behind the highly professional set up have not been established by the police yet and an investigation has been launched to find them. From the photos released by The Echo it is clear to see that the level of sophistication is no more than a dressed down version than that of the legal warehouse grows of GW Pharmaceuticals, who can grow 20 tonnes per annum to produce Sativex for a limited number of MS patients in the UK, Canada and a dozen other countries across the world.

Are the police chasing a dangerous drug or is this a licensing issue?

The Misuse of Drugs Act ’71 says that cannabis is a dangerous drug that has no medicinal benefits and that is the statement that the Government like to feed the media in any correspondence that they are forced to give. So why are GW Pharmaceutical’s able to grow the same plant whose seed stock came from the same as 90% of the people growing it illegally in Europe and most of America – Hortifarm, a company whose license and the way that it was obtained is in much dispute.
Officers were clearly taken back and impressed by the quality of the grow, “Some of the plants are so tall you could easily get lost for a while in there,” shows you that this is not your regular cannabis “factory” as the tabloids like to report it.

Police Superintendent White in his statement said that it was down to “community intelligence” that the grow was found in Bootle, the largest they have ever come across. Supt White added: “The community are our eyes and ears. They know where this type of activity is taking place.” Certainly the way that the media are set in their ways at keeping the general public dumbed down from the truth about cannabis and maintaining an agenda of demonization to keep their negative stigma afloat, goes so far as aiding the police gain the support they need to match the targets they are probably given so they continue to receive a larger budget. The drug war IS a false economy and it is turning into an entertainment one at that.

Last week Operation Audatious was launched in Manchester where 1000 police officers went out to raid residential and business properties, warehouses and disused premises under a warrant allowing them under the Misuse of Drugs Act again. 130 members from different sectors of the public were selected and invited out on these raids to witness how these kinds of anti drugs raids take place. The media attention that it gathered was ample enough to send out the intended scare warning that ‘this society does not accept (these kinds of) drugs’ yet all the while the pages inbetween are Heineken ads and alcohol culture is at its peak. I bring this point up just to lay example to what I wrote earlier about the MDA71; it creates the situation where the police are involved and take heavy handed action over an agricultural practice for “health reasons” at the same time as a global corporate pharmaceutical company can mass produce it and export it to over a dozen countries in every continent, and at the same time as 14,500 are dying a year from alcohol use (not abuse according to NHS figures for 2005) compared to only 750 cases that were admitted to hospital for cannabis use.

England didn’t know what a cannabis farm war ten years ago, now we are referring to them as a problem just because there is so many of them being stumbled across… just imagine the ones that are going unnoticed and unfound, able to produce four multi-million pound harvests a year – year after year. Not only is the Government not taxing this income that Denver in Colorado have spent the last decade working on regulations for under their Medical Marijuana bill Amendment 20, but they are spending in excess of £16 billion a year trying to eradicate the cultivation and use of the cannabis plant. Cultural cleansing? This is without a doubt today’s civil rights movement and the financial figures calculated by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit released in September this year back that up.

In A Clear Plan For Regulating Cannabis In Britain we can see that at the lower end of the estimate we would see £6.7 billion per annum generated by tax and on the higher end we can see figures reaching over £12 billion per annum. When you couple up these figures with the money that we are effectively seeing go to waste on enforcing cannabis prohibition in Britain, the Exchequer could be announcing at a future budget how due to a combination of saving and generating tax from legitimising the cannabis market, creating a new industry, there is now a further £40 billion + to spread out across other public sectors including public health care in the NHS, pensions, school programs, the housing crisis, fixing roads and improving Britain in general.

Not to mention… imagine how much time the police would have if they didn’t have to spend days, weeks, months and years investigating cannabis networks. Not everyone that grows cannabis is a criminal and involved in the violent gangs that just use cannabis to make up the money to carry out much more heinous crimes like human trafficking. Many are growing cannabis because they want to be able to do it in a legal industry and they are good at growing cannabis, are we not encouraged from a young age to do the things in life we love.
“The warehouse is not being used for any legitimate business it seems,” says Supt White of Merseyside police who revealed that it had taken longer than they usually take when carrying out a raid on a property for these reasons. This does not look like your standard Vietnames set up, everything is very clean, tidy and laid out in a manor much in the same way as the legal medical marijuana grows in America under regulation of the state, decor finesse is the only thing stopping this grow op from being in the running for a spread in High Times.

It’s time we let our politicians and local councillors know that there is a better way to control this situation – cannabis use is not going away and we need to stop pretending that prohibition is the answer. 50 years of throwing money and police officers at it has not got us anywhere but deeper into the realisation of how deep this culture is. It is time to look at methods of regulation.

All we have to look forward to now that this bust has taken place is room for another group to move in and make bigger profits in the gap that has been created, and more police time wasted hunting for the farmers and brains behind the set up. Lots of money goes down the drain in this process, real criminals get to continue getting away with real crime that has real victims unlike cannabis use, or cultivation, and the police continue to gain a bad reputation from the millions of cannabis consumers in the UK.

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  1. December 19, 2011 12:57 pm

    For more info on just how corrupt and two faced our government is on this issue; Copy and paste these link into your browser you will be amazed and disgusted;

  2. tom permalink
    December 19, 2011 2:10 pm

    How much did this ‘operation’ cost the tax payer? Try and find out, the police authority will tell you they do not keep records of Cannabis operations.
    It’s the same right across the country, a public body that does not keep accurate accounts is not fit for purpose.

  3. December 19, 2011 7:49 pm

    all that work and an 1/8 is still just a phone call away well done mr officer you achived nothing.
    proud to be a scofflaw…

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