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Coventry Judge Demands “Quit Cannabis Or Year In Prison”

December 22, 2011

A Cannabis user in Coventry has just been told to quit his 10-year cannabis habit by a Judge after he was found cultivating and supplying cannabis from his home during a February raid.

Stuart Campbell originally claimed that the cannabis was for his own personal use but when the case came to court he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply and production of cannabis. At his home when the warrant was executed, 30 cannabis seedlings were found along with £1,000 worth of “cannabis leaf” and £2,200 in cash. Hardly someone high up the ladder in a drugs network, it is quite clear that this was an independent operation.
The sentence passed down by Judge Trevor Faber was a 12-month sentence suspended for two years while also having to complete an 18-month supervision order and a “thinking skills course”. Judge Faber added: ‘‘It appears to me that you have been using cannabis habitually since the early 90s and nothing has persuaded you to stop it. You will stop it now.” Maybe Stuart Campbell never stopped because it never caused any detriment to his health and because there were no victims to the so called crime that he has been charged with.

It is easier to accept that the courts ask Mr Campbell to stop dealing cannabis but not to ask him to stop using it, which is technically not against the law. The Misuse of Drugs Act states that it is an offence (not sure who to or how) to posses, distribute or cultivate cannabis; this is nothing more than a moral imposition. The legal and political system does not like cannabis us; it is illegal not because it is causing crime or harm to anyone. No victim has been reported in this case. No license exists for this grow but that is hardly surprising seeing as it costs pounds to grow 30 plants and it costs over £17,000 to apply to the Government to cultivate cannabis who deny you what should be, and is in reality, your natural human right to do if you so wish.

The police are wasting a huge amount of money enforcing prohibition of cannabis and the cultivation of it. The courts are complaining that regularly more than 50% of the cases each day are for cannabis cultivation or for those caught dealing on the streets. This says very strongly that there is a strong demand for cannabis and no matter how much money they want to throw at it, the production of it – which is as easy as planting a seed – isn’t going to disappear. The only way to have more control over the situation than they do now is to regulate the market. Allow people to grow it and give people who don’t want or know how to grow it the ability and respect to go into a regulated, dedicated store and purchase it.

The regulation of alcohol allows people to buy it in pretty much any store that sells food and drink now, not only in packs but in single cans or bottles. If you like you can also brew your own beer at home and take the time to get so good at it that you enter it into beer festivals. All without being criminalised. If Mr Campbell brewed beer and sold it in a pub or bar he would be an ordinary member of society. Because he chooses to do the same thing with a plant that kills 14,500 less people a year than the legal and morally acceptable alcohol he is a not only a criminal, he has been put in a personal moral situation that he will be lawfully effected by.

Side note: Hmmm, so this guy was dealing a bit on the side to keep himself afloat and now he has a criminal record and a scary drugs conviction – do our leaders and social task force believe that they have just made the situation any better? For him I would say “good luck trying to get a job acceptable to them now” and for them I would say “well done for meeting your targets again, lads”.

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  1. December 23, 2011 5:15 pm

    Arrest that Judge!

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