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UK Cannabis Social Clubs List (UKCSC)

December 31, 2011

2011 saw an explosion in the UK cannabis movement.

Last Updated: 9 Jan 11

This has been down to refusing to keep the subject a taboo any more. We are here and we are proud of what we are, all with the common love of cannabis for whatever purpose but even more importantly we are here to BRING AN END TO THE UNJUST PROHIBITION OF CANNABIS!

UKCSC (Strain: Cannatonic - Grown in West Midlands)

If you have not yet connected with any of the newly established CSCs (Cannabis Social Clubs) please find the one that you fall into. Currently these are just an online presence but as 2012 unfolds I will be releasing information that will help us progress to the next phase. All things have to start somewhere and this is the fruit of a collaboration of work by people all over the UK. If there is no group already in your area why not Grow Your Own Cannabis Community and plant the seed that could start something to make a change! We are all in this together but no one is going to do it for you.

So, in alphabetical order until there are too many to sift through – here is a list of all currently active UK Cannabis Social Clubs. This will be updated as new groups establish themselves and eventually as they grow and the phases are rolled out an interactive map will be introduced to help people physically see us grow on the map of of our little islands. This is a serious strategy to make a change via presence in the UK, we can only be heard if we make ourselves a presence. By creating a network for activists and enthusiasts people can be helped on all levels, politically, medically and socially – everyone’s message can be spread.

Abingdon & Oxford Cannabis Community

Barnsley Cannabis Community

Berkshire Cannabis Community

Birmingham Cannabis Club

Bristol Cannabis Community

Buckinghamshire Cannabis Collective

Derbyshire Cannabis Collective

Devon Cannabis Club (The)

East Surrey Cannabis Club

Essex Cannabis Club

Forrest of Dean Cannabis Community

Hampshire Cannabis Community

Hertfordshire Cannabis Club

Hull Cannabis Club

Isle of Wight Cannabis Community

Kent Cannabis Consortium (The)

Lanarkshire Cannabis Club

Lancashire Cannabis Club

London Cannabis Club

Merseyside Cannabis Club

Newport Cannabis Club

North Yorkshire Cannabis Community

Sheffield Cannabis Club

Sussex Cannabis Collective

Tyne & Wear Cannabis Club

Welsh Cannabis Club

West Midlands Cannabis Community

West Yorkshire Cannabis Collective

There are 92 counties in the UK so ideally we would like to see at least one for each of them (no duplicates please) but already we have “East Surrey” and “West Yorkshire” to show that bigger counties will find more support in localizing the group slightly more. It will also help when future phases roll out and we bring this into the real world.

Thank you for the tremendous support in making this community and movement happen! You are the movement and you are the community, keep it fresh and keep it up to date – your freedom and happiness relies on your motivation!

Please promote YOUR LOCAL cannabis news stories, we must look at what is happening in our area. Please see the posters page for photos to add to your page for people to share and share the link to the page too. Find the Cannabis Support Network UK and if you need help or have anything to offer PLEASE do not hesitate to leave a message on the page, we are providing an open network for everyone in the cannabis community. Safety in numbers.

Cannabis Truth: Save & Share. Print & Distribute. Raise Awareness.

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