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Cure Ukay

Cure at Weed, California

My name is Greg de Hoedt and I am a filmmaker from the S.E of England. I have battled with Crohn’s Disease since my teens and fortunately found cannabis to be the most beneficial medicine I havecome across in my quest for health. I quit my job to focus on my health and the cannabis issue. In 2011 I spent 6 months traveling up and down the west coast of America to document the medical cannabis community that is currently thriving after more than 15 years of legal state protection and in some form or another, regulation.

Currently I am working on a documentary to tell the story of the UK cannabis market looking into politics, crime, culture, science, medicine and the economics behind the largest traded black market product in the UK. The UK plays a very unique roll within the world cannabis industry and I think there are some aspects that need to have light shed upon them.

This should be a good place to come to to find out the latest happenings in the UK regarding news stories, activism updates, cannabis politics and all things to do with UK cannabis culture.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel CannabisCureTV where I upload interviews with people from all walks of life that all have this one plant in common. Dr’s, scientists, activists, growers, patients, and just the regular tokers share their views, experiences and opinions under prohibition.

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