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CannabisCureTV started in April when I left the UK in search of some finer medicine. Along my journey I used YouTube along with a video camera to keep a record of my journey and the people and plants I came into contact with. This is a place for HD close up of some of the best grown cannabis strains in the world and I intend to continue bringing content from all over the world. Activists, Doctors, Scientists, patients, farmers, budtenders, hash makers and politicians share their views about cannabis on this channel and some say there isn’t anything quite like it on the internet. Please take the time to watch a small selection of my videos  and subscribe to me on YouTube if you like what you see. Please feel encouraged to share any information you see on this site and post up these videos on Facebook and Twitter or any other social media site, we need to get this information to the greater public.

Weed Talk is a series of videos that I am posting up of conversations I have with everyday people, I enjoy making these videos and I know a lot of my viewers look forward to new ones being posted. Many different people from all walks of life use cannabis and that makes it obvious that there are many different views and opinions surrounding the highly topical subject.

Cannabis 4 Crohn’s is another series of shows that I am uploading documenting my health on returning to the UK where I have less access to medicine and the quality of it. I thought that it would be good if I could share stories, tips, and advice to facilitate the journey of well being for others in who have been in the position that I have and am in now. So far the feedback has been fantastic and several people have contacted me personally to thank me for them now being able to get healthy by following a better diet leaned about on my show, medicating the way that was right for their condition and now even able to get back to work and earn a living again. Being a regular member of society is all a lot of people who suffer want and to know that this information is helping people achieve that level of living makes me happy and encouraged to keep sharing information this way. A couple of patients have decided to even try cannabis for the first time after suffering for a decade with Crohn’s Disease and this is the first time they have had relief in that time – only because they found CannabisCureTV. Please share these videos with people you know will benefit from them – you could help save a life!

Strain Reviews are an important part of the show, lots of people love getting to see the finest quality herbs around so when I get in contact with said buds I like to put them in front of the lens before I smoke them as I am just like everyone else. I love me a bit of weed porn and I’m not ashamed to say it! Medical grade herbs are few and far between in the UK so the strains you see might not always be what you are expecting…sometimes things are tough and you will get to see first hand some of the poor quality medicines that I and millions of others have to put up with under this dreadful prohibition installed by a draconian Government. The occasional guest appearance from growers, activists, friends and random stoners I meet will join the show including my good buddy Clark French who has a keen nose for sniffing out good meds to cope with his MS.

Activism is at the heart of everything I do, so I try and mix it in to every video that I post in some way or another. Getting the message out to the people in our community is important although it is just as important not to preach to the converted. There is a lot of disinformation surrounding cannabis due to bad media and propaganda over the last 100 years, I do my best to provide the most accurate information I can and encourage you to check out my quotes or sources. Keeping cannabis consumers in the know is important, not everyone wants to here this stuff but it isn’t until they are effected by the laws that taint our wonderful herb and lifestyle that they start cluing up and getting involved. Lets get it through to people pefore it gets to the point where we are like America and everyone knows someone who has been busted for pot.

Events that showcase cannabis are my favorite places to meet like minded individuals. They are full of information and the people that bring these pearls of wisdom to you are some of the most respectable and knowledgeable people on the subject of cannabis and the movement. Getting about to these events like The High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and the Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco or Denver are expensive but very important as it gives you the chance to advance your relationship with this miraculous plant – if you can’t get to them there is always CannabisCureTV to bring you the parts of the event that a lot of the time get side lined due to the magpie inducing qualities of those dank trichome infested buds.

Product reviews are a good way to share cool and handy innovative ways to medicate of help us get elevated. Sometimes there are things that help get the job done better, make things tastier or smoother and alot of the time due to the nature of our movement they look amazingly cool. Glass, fire and art are gunna be big parts of this show because that’s what I like and that’s what the thousands of subscribers here at CannabisCureTv like. If you have a product that you want to see on the show or would like it reviewed please feel free to e-mail me at and make sure you leave details about your product and a website for me to check out.


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