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Support CannabisCure To Support You, Kay…

Help support CannabisCureUK in its mission to keep bringing you the latest and most important news from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – not to mention the rest of the world when the chance arises! CCUK/TV is self funded and your support and donations are much appreciated to help this important truthful cannabis media reach the millions of British herbalists out there currently being openly discriminated against by the compulsive liars of the mass media – who are usually unchallenged.

There really is no better way than to support pro cannabis media in the UK. Not to mention other 420 friendly businesses like who helped design & make these possible.

The more you support it – the bigger it will grow and the more attention responsible cannabis journalism and reporting will get. There are not many people who can say they have seen and lived in the future – I am lucky enough to say that I have, at least in terms of what a more developed cannabis industry looks like and I wan it in the UK so that is what I aim to do. Help bring that information to the people – this is just a conversation about a plant!

Let me know your SIZE and COLOUR & if it is Mens or Womens. UK orders include shipping in price. Contact me for shipping out of the UK (like US, Canada and Europe…waiting for some down under orders still – HINT HINT). Either e-mail with your order details and I will send a PayPal invoice, or you can take the trouble yourself and send the payment directly to PayPal to speed things up! Buttons and Google Checkout coming soon when the main site has finished being built (in progress and it looks dank).

The "Lion Heart" Lives!

*Bong not included.

Lion Shirts – £20

LION Hoody – £25

CURE Sticker – £3

LION Sticker – £5 (Medium)

LION Sticker -£8 (Large)

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