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In this tight-rope walk of a community that we are part of it is important that we take care of our own. During my travels I met lots of wonderful people that do wonderful things. Here are a few of the companies and people I support and who support me. It would be brilliant if you could take a look at some of their sites and keep them in mind for your future 42o needs! We suffer a great deal in this movement due to companies outside of our circle not supporting us purely due to the stigma attatched to cannabis by the greater public and not down to their own morals. As well as supporting these companies I am a strong believer that we should boycott businesses that purposefully boycott or are against our movement and way of life. If you discriminate against us you do not get my support. Kellogg’s dropped Micheal Phelps the 9 times gold medal Olympic champion sponsorship when he was caught toking a Roor bong. They saw a decline in their sales while Phelps’ other sponsor Subway saw sales increase. Stoners are more powerful than you might think – remember we are everywhere and everyone!

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