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The Kingdom Documentary

The Cannabis Kingdom – Feature Length Documentary

For the Last two years I have spent most of my time researching and reading everything I can find about cannabis. What has become very clear to me is that there are a lot of things that are very unclear to not only the majority of the public but to those people who are part of the cannabis culture.

The UK needs a fully comprehensive look into the black market cannabis industry that is only able to operate under the failing model of prohibition. Currently the only people profiting from these redicoulusly draconian laws are the organized international crime gangs that have no respect for the communities they are operating in. Much of the cannabis that is flooding the streets of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is grown by Vietnames crime gangs that are responsible for human tracking and child slavery.


Politicians have been accused of being caught up in the GW Pharmacuticals scandal. How did they manage to get their hands on a licence to be able to produce 20 tonnes of cannabis a year legally whilst normal men and women are being imprisoned for growing as little as 5 plants in their home? This injustice needs investigating. Freedom of Information requests have filed and a continued campaign by certain individuals has shed some light into some very dark corners that have brough up sums of tens of millions of pounds being transferred by the UK Government to very questionable businesses in other parts of Europe.

The cannabis issue is todays civil rights battle just as many laws against equality have been the focus in the past, the time for the cannabis consumer is now. It used to be against the law to be homosexual, people were still homosexual in this time and they had to fight to get the right to be allowed to be who they are. Women had to fight to win the right to vote and were imprisoned for trying to do so, still to this day women are still not given equal pay to men and there is a large battle fighting for this to change. The injustice that we suffer for using cannabis for whatever reason needs to end. No one should be a criminal for using a cannabis.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is the framework that keeps cannabis prohibited in the UK. It is probably one of the most misunderstood frameworks in law not only by the public but by the ones that are in charge of it.

Medical Cannabis Use

There are a large number of medical cannabis users in the UK and it is important that people understand how important cannabis is to many people as it can completely change their live. There are 100,000 people suffering with MS in the UK, 65,000 with Crohn’s Disease, 73,000 with Parkinson’s Disease just to name a few, all of these people could be helped with just this one plant. The money that the pharmaceutial companies stand to loose from people switching over to a natural medicine instead of the highly expensive “contemporary” medicines that we many have no other option to use, not just because cannabis is unavailable to them through the way the laws are, but because they have no idea that cannabis could help them.

GW Pharma were granted a license to produce 20 tonnes of cannabis a year for use in their whole plant cannabis extract medicine – Sativex which was granted a  marketing authorisation in 2010 in the UK and has since been picked up by other countries in every continent of the world now. There has been a strong media campaign trying to muddy the publics perception of this new drug that is very scarcely available because of the price – it has been inflated by the pharmaceutical company by 1000%. Only now are they starting to say cannabis is not addictive and is almost a wonder drug for those with MS.The Government have resorted to saying “Cannabis has no medicinal benefit in herbal form”.

Activist History

The Uk’s activism history has been quite turbulent over the last few decades and there have been some hard blows dealt. This documentary will take a look at the past activism including the Coffeeshops that have opened in the UK, THC4MS, Bud Buddies and interviews with some of the most important people within the UK cannabis movement past and present. There have been several important court cases that more people need to be made aware of.



Cannabis Economics

The money that can be made from regulating the cannabis market and removing it from the hand of organized crime is at the most conservative of estimates, £6.7million per annum. For the Government to be paying in excess of £10billion a year on the war on some people who use some drugs is absurd and this needs to be brought to their attention with the most serious of tones. Not only are we wasting money by chasing this problem that is being created because money is being thrown at it in the wrong direction but we could be benefiting from the tax revenue brought in by letting a legitemate industry be regulated and offer up to 100,000 jobs in the UK.

This section will continue to be updated over the coming months until it has a brief coverage of each of the areas that we are looking into for the film. If you would like to help contribute to the making of this film please feel free to donate to via paypal and specify “documentary” as the reason for the donations.

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