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UK Pot Stars

Ah yes, the ones that we are given to look up to! Celebrities are true kings and queens of the day in the eye of the mainstream media and general public. Every now and then however, one of them accidentally gets caught doing it for the first time and, er…they didn’t inhale, honest! The tabloids and glossys like to make a big fuss over it for a week or so and it’s usually used as an excuse to pump out some kind of propaganda about how smoking cannabis ruins your potential and won’t help you achieve anything. If only The Beatles had know this they may have achieved more…we will never know.

Lets not forget though, once in a while a cheeky reporter will throw in the question about cannabis during an interview just to see if they can drum up a bit of juice. This results in a little side section of WOW! magazine or some other such shudder worthy publication and then The Sun re-report it with some made up filler. The ones we like best of all though are the ones that stand up and put their careers out on the line to tell the truth and try to bring it to the attention of both our elected and non elected leaders. This page is here to act as a gallery of all celebrities, politicians, public figures, royals, senior police officials and judges caught or admitted to using cannabis. Hopefully this shows that you can use cannabis or be a cannabis user and still achieve the things that non cannabis users achieve and those that use alcohol and cigarettes in their version of a higher lifestyle. It’s time for equality!


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  1. December 31, 2011 2:52 pm

    Sinead O’Connor
    has taken marijuana

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